UFC 255 (ML, ITD, DEC)

These probabilitiles were calculated at 2020-11-16 08:32.



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Data Scheme

dateDate of the bout.
eventTitle of the bout including the event name.
fav_name/und_nameName of the favorite/underdog (per 5Dimes).
1ITD% that fight ends inside distance.
1ITD~% that fight NOT ends inside distance.
0ML_A*, 0ML_B*% that fav/und wins.
2DEC_A/B, 3TKO_A/B, 4SUB_A/B% that fav/und wins by DEC/TKO/SUB.
2DEC_A/B~, 3TKO_A/B~, 4SUB_A/B~% for all other cases, except fav/und wins by DEC/TKO/SUB.